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This popular Free Icon Maker allows to make multi-resolution icons in 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 sizes, in monochrome
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4 October 2012

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For a prominent looking website or desktop application, you would be needing icons that you can set on them. As more icons the website you will have more elegant it will look and it can also attract more viewers and help your business to grow. So for that you need an application that will aid you to design icons for your business website. Now if you are not in a mood to spend money for image editing software be put forward nothing but Free Icon Maker 2012. With it you will be enabling to design any kinds of icons which you can later upload them on websites. This utility comes up with series of fantastic features that makes it stand out of the crowd.

Using the Free Icon Maker you can create as well as edit icons in amount of color depths up-to sixteen million colors. The icon maker aids in creating icons for different versions of Windows like XP, Vista, 7 and even Windows 8. Editing of PNG icons for Linux, Android, WEB, WP7 and iOS can be carried out with it. A wide variety of tools like brush, airbrush, pen, ellipse, rectangle etc. are available for painting of images. These which are created or imported can be rolled, shifted or rotated to fit the panel. It supports wide variety of image format such as ICO, XPM, PNG, XBM and ICPR, offering you the flexibility to use any kinds of images from anywhere. You will also be able to sort all the images resent inside the icons with it. All the images you have created or imported can be later copied and pasted on to various other applications.

Such a valuable tool Free Icon Maker is with all the features laden on it. And because of so many vital features it comes with and that too all for free makes us rate it with a score of four points.

Publisher's description

Free Icon Maker allows you to edit icons for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT, iOS, Linux, Android, web and other. This Free Icon Maker supports ICO, PNG, XPM, XBM and ICPR icon formats. Using this program you can create and edit icons in either standard or custom sizes, with color depths up to 32-bit True Color with 8-bit alpha channel. Paint tools include: color replacer, color selector, spray can, pencil, brush, flood fill, text tool, line tool, rectangle, curve and ellipse. For Windows XP and Windows Vista/7/8 icons, you get to use semi-transparency.
Launching Free Icon Maker opens a window with a interface similar to the Windows paint program. You can set Free Icon Maker to open to a new icon window or nothing. The new icon window shows a grid display with the grid matching the resolution of the icon you want to create. Along the left side are a set of drawing tools typical to most paint programs, including a color picker, eraser, pencil, air brush, paint brush and bucket (flood fill), text, rectangles, ellipses and lines. On the right side of the grid is a color chart (256) to choose from 256 colors. The grid overlay is tabbed, allowing you to open and work on more than one icon, either different sizes of the same icon, or completely different icons. Also shown on the right is a display of how your icon(s) appears actual size. With these tools, anyone can take advantage of the grid overlay and fill in the squares to create an icon that maximizes your artistic skills.
Free Icon Maker is easy Free Icon Maker!
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Free Icon Maker
Free Icon Maker
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